Weak Muscles May be the Cause of Your Klutziness

As I mentioned in a previous blog, falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths among older adults 73 and older, and the second leading cause of death from ages 60 to 72.

People who seem to be tripping all of the time or who have a tendency to drop items may believe that clumsiness is just a part of their makeup but that may not be the case at all.

In an August 2012 Good Housekeeping interview, chief of physical therapy at Harvard University Health Services, Mary Ann Wilmarth, D.P.T. stated that weak muscles can be the cause of klutziness.  Examples:

  1. Weak rotator cuff muscles could cause you to rely on your smaller hand muscles when reaching for something which in turn, causes you to drop the item.
  2. Week hip muscles could make you trip when navigating curbs, stairs, etc. and cause you to fall.

In order to prevent such klutziness, Dr. Wilmarth stated that participating in strength-training exercises helps to strengthen your muscles so you will move more fluidly and be less clumsy.

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This post was written by Patti on February 5, 2013

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